Esuom aph'Taed

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Grand Duke Sir Esuom aph'Taed, of the Celestial Kingdom


Esuom is an original. One of the founding members of the Amazons and Isacar; an all female company. She took over the company as Captain a few years later. She dropped out of Amtgard for a time, but when she came back, she was welcomed for her level headedness, her strong heart, and her love of the game.

Previous to her banning, she was usually found in the Celestial Kingdom which seems to keep her on the Board of Directors, even when she's not running for it. She helped to guide and interpret the by-laws of her kingdom and the game with grace and sometimes, some bullheadedness. Both attributes which endear her to many.

Some Fairly Well Known Facts:

  • Her name is commonly misspelled. It helps if you remember its mouse backwards.
  • Esuom was the first Serpent Knight ever!
  • Esoum was a founding member of the first all female fighting company ever!

Affiliated groups

Belted Family

Let it be known, that on November 8, 2014 the knights circle of the Celestial Kingdom voted to strip Esuom of all knighthoods granted to her by the CK. This action was taken for actions unbecoming of a knight, for her lack of communication regarding the theft of kingdom money. The vote was 11 for 0 against with 3 abstaining. Thank you for your time, Lord Sir Nella "Gekko" Darkblade Guild Master of Knights

--Joint Belt Line--

Notable accomplishments.

  • Knight of the Serpent on May 4th 1985.
  • Knight of the Flame 2001 - Stripped November 8, 2014 by the CK CoK.
  • Knight of the Crown 2002 - Stripped November 8, 2014 by the CK CoK.
  • Two time Monarch of the Celestial Kingdom

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