Brennen MacGregor

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Archduke Sir Brennen MacGregor, Guardian of the North of Northern Holdfast



Amtcard by Grendel


Knight of the Sword - Knighted in June 1996 at Rakis by King Moss of the Iron Mountains

Knight of the Crown - Knighted in January 2003 at Imperial Coronation by Emperor Belgarion of the Iron Mountains

Belted Family

Sir Brennen is considered to be of the Knightly Family of Sir Auromax Silverhawk Even though at the time of his knighting he was no longer a squire. He has at least five squires; Bovine, Tick Tock, Redmark, Tyrel, and Kayden MacGregor.. Before he joined the peerage Sir Auromax was Squire to Sir Thorn Crossbearer.

Notable Accomplishments

Seen here with Medryn