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Marquis Squire Hannoskesama, of Knight's Rest in Tal Dagore

"Don't take that!"


That one guy... you know... umm... I really can't say. Something about sluffing. Something about swinging foam. A person from the PNW with honor... except for the sluffing part, but even that he does with honor.

Random wanderer. Started playing in the summer of 2002 in Cage Valley.

Preferred Beverage: Jack Daniels.

Hannoske is also one of the shining examples of camaraderie in Amtgard. He single-handedly played wingman to the movinest drunk around, Sir Jynx Mercades after his immediate knighting for the night of drunken revelries. This man kept up with, and ensured that Jynx did get home alright. People like this is what TRULY make Amtgard shine.

Insists on referring to Loptr as "Moonbeam" as part of an inside joke.

Married to Suraya

Belted Family

Not Moonbeam's page, but rather his liege, and squire. Moonbeam is working on a book of pages, Hannoske is the missing Page (not to be confused with the missing link (which he is also)). Moonbeam says "Not My Page is a great guy, can't wait to sluff his ass, again."

Has one MaA under his noble titles: Leper.

Book of Knightly Pages

Sir Moonbeam
Sir Dogboy
Sir Robin Sparrow
Sir Avalok
Sir Smiley
Sir Boots

Affiliated groups

Notable accomplishments

  • Co-founder of the Blackstone Sages.
  • Hannoske is a chronicler of PNW History, adding much to the collective knowledge of the Wiki. See the page he created here.
  • Voted BEST ASS at Salt Wars 2008 by HMC.
  • Won Salt Wars 2010 IK Tournament
  • Won Desert Winds Feb 2011 & Aug 2012 Kingdom Weaponmaster Tournaments
  • Won Westmarch Sept 2011 Principality Weaponmaster Tournament
  • Won Thor's Refuge Warmaster Tournament 6 consecutive times
  • Won Thor's Refuge Weaponmaster Tournament 3 times
  • Weaponmaster of 7 lands: DW, WM, CV, BS, TR, KR, and PT. And a random Belegarth park.
  • Won Flurbtastic Principality Highlander Tournament 2011 & 2012
  • Survived the Darkshore fires of 2007, the Clan flood of 2008 and the Known World War Tornado of 2017...when is the earthquake coming?




Classes at 6th Level

  • All classes not requiring knighthood.


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