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Definition 1

What is it?

A lesser title of nobility.

How do I get one?

Typically bestowed for exemplary service as Champion of a Kingdom for 1-2 six-month terms.

How do you say it?

The title of defender is listed after the earner's name and locality, with the place that they defended. If they live some where else now they are still listed as the the defender of the place where they earned the title.


Sir Flare, of Steel River, Defender of the Rising Winds

Duke Sir Lief Mcpayne, Defender of the Iron Mountains

Count Sir Anubis Sutekah Devilboon, of Evermore Hollow Defender of the Golden Plains

Category:Defenders of Amtgard - A list of many of the players with this title.

Definition 2

What is it?

Defender is in some places also used as the title for the local champion while in office.

How do I get one?

Since it is used by local Champions while they are in Office you would have to be a local champion, however the title is removed upon the stepping down of the officer. The office of local champion is eligible for the lesser title of Lord or Lady.

How do you say it

In this case, the title would be listed before name of the office holder. If the party already has a title then he would list the 'office' title before it.


Defender Squire Dizzy Vertigo, of Tori-Mar the Celestial Kingdom

Defender Lord Squire Jynx Mercades, of Heaven's Abyss Golden Plains