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Grand Duke Sir Belgarion Torrid, of the Iron Mountains

”Somebody had to put the FLAME back in Flame Knight”



Belgarion started playing Amtgard in August of 1995, in the then-Shire of the Northern Holdfast in the Empire of the Iron Mountains. Bel served terms as the Monarch, Consort, and Prime Minister of the Northern Holdfast and helping it grow into the Duchy of the Northern Holdfast. After moving to Boulder, CO, Bel would help grow the newly formed Shire of Stormkeep and would hold the position Prime Minister a total of three times in the next few years. He would then go on to serve as Emperor of the Iron Mountains, where during his first reign as Emperor, the Iron Mountains would rewrite its Corpora and change from a static crown to a floating crown. Bel would then go on to hold the position of Prime Minister twice in a row and then he would server one more time as Emperor. Bel is retired from Amtgard.

Affiliated Groups

Claw Legion, House Torrid

Belted Family

Belgarion was squired to Leviatar before he was knighted.

Bel has two squires; Ceinwyn and Atlas (inactive). Sir Orlando, formerly a squire to Bel, was awarded Knight of the Serpent at Bridge Wars 2009.

Belted Line

Dame Gwynne of Tarnlea (Serpent), Flame)

Notable Accomplishments

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