Talisin Silverwolf

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Grand Duchess Sir Talisin Silverwolf, of the Duchy of the Iron Mountains

Former Heraldry

"Honestly, when I look at Talisin, my organs turn cold."

A.K.A. Joseph Stalisin
A.K.A. Elvenryn the Unicorn

"Evil pays very, very well. Just think of it as virtually unlimited quid pro quo opportunities coming your way."


Originally encountered Amtgard in the Burning Lands in 1988 (November 12, 1988, is the earliest date verified); after a period of inactivity transplanted to the Iron Mountains in 1991.

Served as Prime Minister of the Empire in 1993 and 2008, three times as Queen in 1994, 2005, and 2007 and four terms as Imperial Regent in 1996, 1998, 1999, and 2005. Has also served four terms as Prime Minister of the Duchy of the Iron Mountains in 2003-2004 and 2006. Was awarded the title of Knight of the Flame by Emperor Michael Hammer of God in June of 1999 and Knight of the Crown by Emperor Medryn Harlequin in September of 2006. Also served as Iron Mountains BOD President in 2006.

Affiliated Groups

Is a member of Bellator Adamas, the House Harlequin, and the Bloodsluts. Also a Founding Chick in House Margarita Chicks with a lemon wedge on her glass. She is also known as the dreaded Joseph Stalisin of the Scarlet Meanies.

Belted Family

Talisin was originally squired to Sir Auromax Silverhawk. Her current Squires are Rugrat (6/99) and Elsa Von Liechtenstein (9/08).

Notable Accomplishments

Talisin was the First Queen elected in the Iron Mountains, and the only female in the IM to have held the office more than once. She was also the first female awarded the title of Grand Duchess by the Iron Mountains (as of 2007, is still the only one to have received it from the IM) and is only the second female to receive Knight of the Crown from the IM.

Talisin was also the originator of Pie in the Face in Amtgard, organizing and running the first Pie in the Face fundraiser at Rakis in 1993. Additionally, as Queen in 2005 she presided over the investiture of the IM's two Principalities, Desert Winds and the Rosetta Pact.

Talisin was Rakis autocrat in 1996 and 1998, and was the co-autocrat and in charge of promoting Rakis in 2007.

In the course of her duties as 2007 promotions autocrat, she edited and released five promotional videos, #1 Rakis Teaser, #2 Rakis Teaser, #3 Rakis Teaser, the Full Length Promotional Video and #4 Rakis Teaser.

As Queen, presented the representatives of the Principality of the Desert Winds to the Circle of Monarchs at Clan of 2007, in preparation for their bid for kingdom in 2008.

Also was Queen in 2007 throughout the dissolution of the Principality of the Rosetta Pact and the creation of a new Principality, Rivermoor, in the western half of the former PRP.

Stepped down as Queen in January of 2008 and then took office in March of 2008 as Imperial Prime Minister, overseeing the Althing vote that created the second of the Principalities to form from the former Rosetta Pact, the Principality of Steel Valley.

Served as the 5th, 27th and 32nd Monarch, the 9th, 13th, 16th and 28th Regent and the 2nd and 33rd Prime Minister of the Empire of the Iron Mountains. Has also served four terms as Prime Minister for the Duchy of the Iron Mountains.

Named one of the Top 5 Best Amtgarders of 2007

Additional Images

hailtothe.jpg "Hail to the Empress, Baby!"

More Information

The editor would like to note that Talisin is not Linden and Linden is not Talisin.

+The "Kai" referenced in the 11/12/1988 entry in the "1000 Days of Amtgard" was Talisin. I am outing myself (and referring to myself in the third person) now that there's virtually no chance that anyone will actually notice. Except maybe Linden. Who is not me.