Three Piece

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Man-at-Arms Three Piece, of Dark Oasis, Golden Plains

III Piece's Company Heraldry
Home Park Dark Oasis
Kingdom Golden Plains
Year Started 2009
Belt Status Man-At-Arms

”want a beer, three piece?....Duh”

"Want a bite of my cupcake? The man himself"
"Long dicks, Hard muscles, whassup?"


Three Piece at Spring War 2012, Fighting alongside Sir Monkey


Three Piece began his amtgard career in early 2009 at Dark Oasis, and is known for his leaps and bounds in A&S, especially Chainmail.

Three Piece has emerged onto the great Amtgardian stage with the sanctity and purity of a Benedictine monk, the savage calculation and self control of a 17th century Samurai, and the thunderous sexual charisma of Rudolph Valentino.

Please Note: If you are female, 'Three Piece' should only be referenced in the third person, as any first person references may cause symptoms similar to what you may experience with a high dose of extacy, while strapped to a Sybian.

Some Fairly Well Known Facts:

  • Three Piece is a lover, AND a fighter... but mostly a lover... but he fights too, so don't fsck with him.
  • Three Piece once asked a girl to say "No" to his advances, just to see how it feels.
  • Three piece speaks fluent French, in Spanish, with an Italian accent.
  • Three Piece once traveled to the Virgin Islands, but when he left, they were just “The Islands.”
  • At SW 2012, his bardic song reportedly caused two immaculate conceptions - both girls were atheists.
  • At SW 2012, shortly after meeting Three Piece, Darkstar (of the CK) reportedly wept uncontrollably for hours after neglecting to wish him a good night.
  • As a child, Three Piece forgot to wear his sunglasses once, which resulted in the Barad Duin split of 1989
  • At SW 2012, Three Piece turned down a threesome because he was saving himself for his Emma Thomson/Selena Gomez threesome scheduled later in the month.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Order of the Jovious - given by King Arch Duke Sir Bearrug, 2012

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