Sean Darkskull

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Lord Squire Sean Darkskull, of Dragon's Spyre Desert Winds

”Hanging out with Sean is like being in a rap video"-Phica


Loptr, Sindari Elfstone, Sean Darkskull.


Sean, the real life son of founders Nicholas Se'rech & Sorcha MacAnroigh, has been foam fighting with one organization or another since he was about 6. Following his 6 year nationwide tour he decided it was time to get back to his Amtgard roots & helped restart the Shire.

Sean earned his final credit & entered the Book of the Dead on May 8, 2015, cradled forever in the wings of the Dragon who lives on the Spyre.


Guildmaster of Healers, July 2001 - August 2002
GMR, September 2012 - March 2013

Notable Accomplishments

Recently tore off an entire toenail using nothing but a leatherman


Clan Darkstar
House Ash Feather
House Cari

Fighting Company

Star Questing Dragons

Belted Line




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