Wenlock Notso

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Wenlock Notso, of The River's End

”I aim to maim.”

Wenlock Notso
Chapter The River's End
Kingdom Desert Winds
Started 2009
Noble Title N/A
Belted Status Man-At-Arms
Belted Under Neobrood
Contact Information
E-Mail [email protected]
Phone 801-793-4543


Wenlock joined The River's End March of 2009, moved to Florida and took an 8 month hiatus and returned to the park in February of 2010. He served as Monarch of the River's End during Summer Reign, 2011 with Dea as his most helpful Regent.

Affiliated Groups

Member of the Star Questing Dragons
Initiate to the Wu Tang Clan
Leader of the Goblin Slaying Elite(Oberst)

Belted Family

Wenlock is Man At Arms to Squire Loup De Noir, who is squire to Dame Sindari, who previously was Woman At Arms to Dame Jazzel, who was squire to Sir Terarin.

Full Belted Line

Notable Accomplishments

Wenlock raised, organized, and led an army in conjunction with his House, the Goblin Slaying Elite, against the vile Goblin Liberation Front at Dragon Blade Wars until his unfortunate death.

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