Loup De Noir

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Duke Sir Loup DeNoir,

”I'm not a stick jock. I'm a politician!!!!!”

”BAD LOUP! WE DO THAT OUTSIDE” --Tsi, Dib, Indra, Blackie, Jynx...hell just about anyone from Truevale.


Seen here with Tsi at Rakis 2007. (Tsi on the left and Loup on the right.)


Loup: "Will you put the sandwich down?" Jurgen: *Snickers* (Taken by Kyra in Skystone Nov 15 2008)


Starting in Truevale (Rock Springs, WY),Loup started becoming a very avid amtgarder. Attempting to dabble in the politics of the game while in Truevale proved to be fruitless. He moved to Crimson Dawn (Canon City CO) and became Baron. After spending a year and a half in office there, due to personal matters, he had to leave Crimson Dawn and move to South Gate (Trinidad, CO) where he became sheriff of the park for a year. He helped start an amtgard park in Billings, Montana called Skystone. He then moved to Taylorsville, UT, and began going to the park in Salt Lake City called River's End where he ran as Ducal Regent. Then for a change of scenery moved to Murray, UT, and continues to attend River's End where he has ran as Champion, Ducal Regent, Desert Winds Regent, Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Desert Winds, and King of The Desert Winds.

Affiliated Groups

Wolves of Cernunnos

Wu Tang

Marok of the Kurato Clan

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Knight of the Crown - May 31st, 2014 by King Duffer and Dame Sindari Elfstone. Founded a new Chapter, Skystone, in August of 2008.

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