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Baroness Squire Kitrell Weasley of River's End, Desert Winds

The Unforgivably Mortal

“Fear the Darkness”

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Chapter River's End
Kingdom Desert Winds
Started 2003
Noble Title Baroness
Belted Status Squire
Belted Under Sindari Elfstone

Persona Biography

Kitrell is a Dunedain human warrior with no magical abilities. She relies on an ancient Sith artifact to cast any magic. She was previously known as Westerric Falcon.

Affiliated Groups

Iron Wulf Company

  • Kitrell is a member of the family referred to as the Weasleys.
  • A friend of a friend told me that he once met this guy who said he saw someone from house Ornamental Honor.

Belted Line

Notable Accomplishments

  • Master Bushi
  • Master Warrior
  • Master Mask
  • Lady - given by Deanen Trelmeyn Half-Elven
  • Baroness - given by Rachel Hollyrose

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A Giant Ground Sloth stands before the woods. Four spider eyes anoint the bottom.

More Information

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