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Page Kyus Sindacco, of Wolven Fang, Nine Blades, Goldenvale

”I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I fly.” - Sun Tsu "Art Of War"
"This world is one of sadness. Battle brings death. Death brings sorrow. The living may not hear them. Their voices may fall upon deaf ears. But make no mistake - the dead... are not silent." - The Sorrow



Getting his start in the summer of 2012, he quickly became known as the bow scout sniper. Showing major interest in creating things and the willingness to learn. Also to show a willingness to teach has him teaching other scouts/archers etc. the skills to further themselves in archery and the games abilities for the classes. In co-operation with his close friend, Kieran, they created the Scouts Guild Union as a way to find unity for the class that has its namesake.

After his first inter-kingdom trip, he had expressed great interest in the arts and sciences of the game, and following that train he found himself speaking with his now squire about wanting to be paged to her and to learn all he can from her. After much talk and being bounced back and forth in an apparent game of "21 questions" with the rest of the belted family, he found acceptance among them.. As well as a shiny new page belt.

Now often being found poking his head and bow out from the bushes during games or constantly shooting pockets of air at field, he finds himself ever the teacher. Having a few students wanting to learn his particular skill. He accepts the responsibility with a sly wink and a chaotic grin.

Affiliated Groups

  • Scouts Guild Union (Co-Creator)
  • The Night Watch (Fighting Company)

Belted Family

Dame Linden (Flame 2005), (Crown 2007), (Serpent 2010)

Damn Alona Twotrees (Flame 2012)

Sir Bunch the Drunk (Flame 2022)

Eques Tye Dye (Flame 2015)

Dame Roslyn (Serpent 2015)

Ser Petra (Flame, 2017)

Sir Corwyn Lindenson (Serpent) 2022

Notable Accomplishments

  • Second place in Kingdom Level Archery Contest [G.E. 2013]
  • Guildmaster of Scouts [August 2013]
  • Paragon Scout awarded August 2016 by Zwerver, Prince of the Nine Blades

Additional Images

  • Household Heraldy: Untitled-1.jpg
  • Personal Heraldry: 5a4d53d267aff5653be9a960e25e9aac_zpsa9ee436b.jpg

More Information

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