Fauna of the Meadows

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First Park Fossil Ridge
Started Amtgard October 2010
Current Home Park Truevale
Current Kingdom Desert Winds
Status Active
Noble Titles Lady
Paragons(s) To Be Established
Preferred Pronouns She/Her
Mundane Name Mollie Crossmer

Lady Page Ward Fauna, of the Shire of Truevale, Kingdom of the Desert Winds

”The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.” - The Emperor (Mulan)

"I'm a piranha, I'll eat you from the inside out!" -Fauna


Fauna began her Amtgard life on October 10, 2010 in the meadows of the now defunct park of Fossil Ridge. She has dedicated her life to the healing arts and is now dabbling in other endeavors.

Currently, she resides in Truevale and she shares her allegiance to Squire Scrye and Squire Drū-Kära who are both dear friends.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Line

Page to Sir Aagard (Sword 2016) who is now deceased; Page to Dame Scrye (Serpent 2020) and Ward to Guardian Dru-Kara Silverblade (Flame 2020)

Sir Duffer Cole (Flame)(Crown)

Grand Duchess Sir Tawnee Darkfalcon

Notable Accomplishments

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