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Squire Halvor "Horati" Oman, of the Barony of Wymzee Dayle, Kingdom of the Desert Winds

”Love above all things.” -Halvor

"If others can hate for no reason, I can love for no reason.” -Halvor


Halvor began his Amtgard life on April 11, 2014 under the persona "Horati" and played the Barbarian class exclusively until recently.

Halvor is a Norseman who has lived far longer than what seems natural to most men. His history is shrouded in Mystery to most.

As the tales go, his parents were a human father and a frost giant mother. He grew up human, after his mother was killed.

As he grew, his strength and knowledge grew exponentially. He studied all about the gods and how they influence man.

As he felt distant from others, he lived on his own island. He would interact with others only when needed and left the area with a sense of calm and comfort.

Over the years, he picked up sword and shield to defend his lands and those that he cared for. His renown grew as well as those that he cared for. Through various interactions, he resolved multiple conflicts and was soon given the title Peacebringer for his village.


Affiliated Groups

Belted Line

Grand Duchess Sir Tawnee Darkfalcon

Notable Accomplishments

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