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Baron Mischief-at-Arms Sereen, of the Duchy of Terra De Votum, Kingdom of the Desert Winds

”Hello, friend.” -Sereen


Sereen began her Amtgard life on September 1, 2012 in Sun's Haven when it was in the Kingdom of Dragonspine. The first class that she got to 6th level was Archer.

Sereen's first love is Arts and Sciences and they strive to increase skills in 3d art. Sereen is particularly enamored with creating Dioramas.

Sereen has made a concerted effort to help raise peoples spirits and help others through teaching. They are a constant and dedicated crafter.

Currently Sereen resides in the Duchy of Terra De Votum with her partner, Dreadlord Standardbearer Blud Skullbiter. They both are in service to Countess Guardian Drū-Kära Silverblade.

Sereen's man at Arms is Shadow who formerly served as their champion. He has since been called to the Empire of the Iron Mountains by the forces of Mundania.

While Sereen currently resides within the Kingdom of the Desert Winds, they may drift wherever the winds blow, and their quest for excellence in the arts.


Affiliated Groups

Belted Line

Grand Duchess Sir Tawnee Darkfalcon

Notable Accomplishments

  • They were given the Fellowship Award - For Cross-Game Pollination. Awarded by Baron Hazard & Regent Kylara of Sun's Haven on Oct. 8, 2012.
  • They were given the title of Lady by Sken the Spirit Vessel of Terra De Votum on Oct. 19, 2014.
  • They given the title of Baronetess by Zephyr of Terra De Votum on Nov. 13, 2016, but prefers the title of Baron.

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