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Grand Duke Sir Duffer Cole "The Miner", of Desert Rose, Kingdom of the Desert Winds, IM



Duffer came to the Desert Rose from the obscure reaches of the SCA. He has brought with him many of the A&S forms and fighting styles of that different organization as well as a unique and uplifting spirit. He has jumped headfirst into the embeterment of the game in his little neck of the woods and continues to do so today.

Marshal File #DF12229

Duffer Cole has been under the Marshal radar before. Awhile back in a battle, attempted charges were brought forth that he let a king die in battle. Incident states that when a javelin was incoming, Duffer stationed in front of the king, side stepped the javelin. The javelin mortally wounded the king.

Further investigation reveals that Duffer Cole is more of veteran of war than an actual miner. He has been in countless battle and amazingly survived them all. An old foot soldier, Duffer Cole is also an experienced artisan, crafting things from armor and weapons to castles and forts. He currently holds residence in the Village of East Ryndon and is management over a wagon park.

Note: The sudden rise of reputation in the Desert Rose has drawn the eye of the Marshals. Possibility of Duffer Cole's extensive experience and current obtaining of power could spell civil war within Desert Winds. Might need to call in OAR for further action.

Submitted by (Marshal's name withheld)

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Notable Accomplishments

He is ancient and can still swing foam with the ADD stricken populace at large!!


Recieved Lord in August of 2007 for singlehandedly building a castle for the Desert Rose
Made an Arch Duke in November of 2011

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