Von Jester

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Archduke Saint Von Jester, of the Duchy of Iron Hold, Desert Winds

"Can we stop with the Plague jokes, already?" ~ Archduke Saint Von Jester

VonJester.jpg Archduke Saint Von Jester, Salt Wars, May 27, 2019, photo by Whiskey Sama and used with permission.


Von Jester, or simply "Jester" as he is known in the Kingdom of the Desert Winds, began his Amtgard career on May 23, 2009 in River's End. Although he played monk on his first park visit, he took to the Warrior Class like a duck to water.

Jester has played almost exclusively in the Desert Winds. He loves to travel. He is also known for his service: Duke of River's End, Kingdom Regent, and Kingdom Monarch.

For his leadership, he was made a Knight of the Crown on May 26, 2018 at Salt Wars in Ogden, Utah by Queen Whiskey.

Currently, his home park is the Duchy of Iron Hold.

Affiliated Groups

While Archduke Saint Von Jester is not presently allied with a household or company, he is well regarded by the assassins in the Desert Winds.

Belted Family

Archduke Saint Von Jester is under both Sir Duffer Cole and Guardian Drū-Kära

On June 28, 2020, Dru-Kara became a Comrade-At-Arms to Saint Von Jester under the Crown path, he became her Comrade-At-Arms under the Flame path.

Grand Duchess Sir Tawnee Darkfalcon

Grand Duchess Sir Tawnee Darkfalcon

Notable Accomplishments

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