Snow Bryna Vixen

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Duchess Squire Snow Bryna Vixen, of Iron Hold, Desert Winds

My name is Kelsi in real life. I have been a part of Amtgard since 2012. I love helping others and battlegaming and fighting when I can. If you wanna know more just ask me. ^-^

Snow ^-^


House Cari Lady Daggers Company Dragon Blade Mercenaries

Belted Family

My belt line: Countess Volespa WaA

Notable Accomplishments

  • Duchess of the Rivers End (2013-08-17)
  • Kingdom Prime Minister (2015-02-21)
  • Lady Title on (2014-02-22)
  • Baroness Title
  • Duchess Title (2019-11-23)
  • Queen of the Desert Winds (2019-05-25-2019-11-23)

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