Morgan Ironwolf

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Grand Duke Sir Morgan Ironwolf, Defender of the Emerald Hills.

Morgan ironwolf arms.jpg
Morgan Ironwolf
Home Park Emerald Hills
Kingdom Emerald Hills
Year Started 1994
Noble Title Grand Duke
Belt Status Flame/Crown

"Do you need a fresh one?" - Everyone at Rakis 2012
”I don't cook. I do tables.”



Grand Duke Sir Morgan Ironwolf began playing in late 1994. Spring War II in 1995 was his first event. Morgan immediately became very involved in Amtgard politics. In 1996, he co-founded the Kingdom of the Wetlands and was elected its first King.

Best. Quick. EVAR.

Morgan continued to be active in Wetlands politics until his move to the Emerald Hills in January of 2004. After a small break, Morgan became active in the politics of the Emerald Hills as well.

Currently an AmtCard Project Enthusiast, along side his consort, Lady Dreanya Jurista.

Affiliated Groups

Former Justicar

Member of the Roger's Raiders.

Belted Family

Sir Morgan was formerly squired to Sir Fnord Farthing, who was squired to Sir Michael Hammer of God. His Squires include Baron Stoner and Baron Queball. Sir Crom Ironwolf was formerly squired to Sir Morgan.

Arch Duke Sir Megiddo sel Esdraelon of Mordengaard was Page to Baron Stoner before becoming a Wetlands Knight of the Crown.

Michael Hammer of God (Crown 1991, Sword 1992, Flame 1995, Serpent 2003)
V:Sir Fnord (Crown)(Sword) (Flame)

Notable Accomplishments

This information supplied by the lovely and Talented Dreanya.