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World Banner Wars

Abbreviated: WBW or BW

A yearly Interkingdom Event hosted by the Emerald Hills since 2000

What should you expect

World Banner Wars is a major Interkingdom Event that attracts fighters from all over the country.

The centerpiece of World Banner Wars is the grand tournament, where companies, households, and parks battle each other in full-class teams for bragging rights and the banners of all the losing teams. The rules vary from year to year, maximum team sizes varying from 10 to 20. Sometimes armor caps and maximum numbers of different classes are set, so it is wise to check the World Banner Wars Forum for details.

But World Banner Wars has much more to offer than just the grand tournament. Battlegames, Quests, Jugging, and A&S classes and workshops are offered during the event. Merchants are a frequent sight, offering a varied range of wares. And of course the ditching is top notch.

Attendance usually ranges between 200 and 300.


This years World Banner Wars will be held in Atoka, Oklahoma Oct. 17 - 20, 2019

In the past it has been held at Four Winds Renaissance Faire in Troup, Tx; Boggy Depot State Park in Atoka, OK; and Tanglewood Forest in Purdon, Tx..


Held annually in October, This it will be held October 17-20, 2019.


Created during the reign of Dame Eclipse in 2000. The first few WBW's were more of a thieves game. Teams made non-expensive banners to display and protect during the whole event. It played out like a grand game of capture the flag. But then sometime by the 3rd or 4th year it was evolved into a War event. Banners were set more to the side and combat was pushed to the forefront. Banners are still brought and wagered in the spirit of what the games name originally implied, but now the banners are simply given to the winner of the main tournament. Banners lost to the winner are usually held for ransom until proper 'payment' arrangements can be made. Starting in 2016, it became a joint kingdom event between EH and the Wetlands.


First World Banner Wars (World Wars) Reign 24. Autocrated by Eclipse of Sable Pride. (event coordinator). Held in March 10th, 11th, and 12th, 2000. Info Gate fee $10. Made: ? Spent: ?

World Banner Wars II, 2001 Reign 27. Would not be mentioned until this issue, and was called WBW due to the thieving of team’s banners, and permanent bragging rights for the winners. Autocrated by Eclipse (event coordinator),War-o-crat: Sir Logan. Expense report, Gate fee $10. Made:? Spent: ? Attendance: ?

World Banners Wars III. Reign 29 Auto-crated by Eclipse (event coordinator) Gate Duty, Sir Forest Evergreen, Feast, Dame Selka Shadowcat, War-o-crat: Sir Logan. Help with tournaments by Sir Infinity Nighthawk and Security, Sir Tunear Subeth. Expense report $10 gate fee. Posted in the echoes of the hills that the Army Corp. of Engineers park was 5 miles away for showers. $3 or $4 dollars a car load. Made: ? Spent: ? Attendance: ?

World Banner Wars IV. Reign 31 Auto-crated by Crawling Chaos. Expense report Made: $4770.(Estimated: $15x318=$4770. 318 known attendance, $15 estimated gate fee) Spent: $2,004. Attendance: 318 Discrepancy? Profit: $2766.

World Banner Wars V. Reign 33 Autocrats: Moogie and Sir Logan. War-o-crat Sir Sparhawk Kingfisher. Info, Rules, Expense report $15 gate fee. Made: $4200.(Estimated. $15x320=$4,200. Known $15 gate fee. Estimated 320 in attendance) Spent: $2,004 Attendance: est. 320. Profit: $2196

World Banner Wars VI. Reign 35 Green Dragons Autocrated. Autocrat: 'The Man' Sir Wolverine Darksword, Assist-o-crat: Blaise Dreams of Permafrost, War-o-Crat: Everlast Buttercup, Craft-o-crat: Faunna Demonspawn, Highland Games: Tarkas, Gate-o-crat: Sir Forest Evergreen, Feast: Rogers Raiders, Texas Hold'em-o-crat: Solace, Webmaster: Sir Brock Argenta. Rules, Expense report or, Expense report Made: $4,225. Spent:$3,000 (really $3921.90) Attendance: est. 282. ($15x282=$4,230.) Profit: $1,225

World Banner Wars VII. Reign 37 Run by Corsairs. Autocrat: Kaz DeKinky, War-o-Crat: Falamar LaCrane A&S-o-Crat: Reine Von Doom, Pirate Games: Z & Thrasher, Gate-o-Crat: Sir Forest Evergreen, Feast-o-Crat: Tunear Sebeth. Rules, Expense report. Made:$5,731.00 Spent:2,140.45 Attendance: est. 382. ($15x382=$5730) Profit: $3590.55

World Banner Wars VIII. Reign 39. Autocrated by Sir Trinity Skythasis and Lady Tangeena of Sable Pride. Gate Fee: Adults 20$, Kids 5-13 $10. Kids 5 and under free. Expense report. Made: $6552.00 Spent: $2,485.70. Attendance: est. 330. Estimated: ($20x330=$6,600. Profit: $4066.30.

World banner Wars IX. Reign 41. Autocrats: Brennon, Sir Megiddo of the Wetlands, and Sir Michael, Hammer of God of the Iron Mountains. Gate Fee: $5. Made:$1,500 Spent:? Attendance: 300 Profit:? Estimated:(5x300=1,500)(? only one to come out exact)

World Banner Wars X. Reign 43. Autocrat: Dame Faunna, War-o-crat: Rayel. Rules, Expense report, Gate Fee: $10/$5. Made: $2,555.00, Spent: $1,305.45. Attendance: 260 (Estimate $10x260=$2,600) Profit: 1,249.55.

World Banner Wars XI Reign 45. Run by the Green Dragons. Autocrat: Sir Forest Evergreen, War-o-crat: Sir Everlast Buttercup, Feast'O Crat: Skullband, Head of Security: Dark Tigger, Gate-o-Crat: Riggor. Topic, Rules, Expense report. Gate Fee: Adults 20$, Kids 5-13 $10. Kids 5 and under free. Total sign ins:242; Total Event Cost:$2,181.02; Gate: $4,290.00; Event Profit: $2,108.98

World Banner Wars XII Reign 47. Run by Sable Pride. Autocrat: Sutra War-O-Crat: Kahzee, Feast-O-Crat: Sir Delphos, Head o Security: Tuk!, Gate-O-Crat: Aria/Mertag. Topic, Rules, Expense Report, Gate Fee: Adults 20$, Kids 5-13 $10. Kids 5 and under free. Total sign ins: 276; Total Event Cost:$1,401.31; Gate: $5,120.00; Event Profit: $3,718.69

World Banner Wars XIII Reign 49. Autocrat: Logan War-O-Crat: Tuk!, Feast-O-Crat: Docsi, Head-O-Security: Draeven, Gate-O-Crat: Sir Larin. Topic, Rules, Expense Report, Gate Fee: Adults 20$, Kids 7-13 $10. Kids 6 and under free. Total sign ins: 249; Total Event cost:$1,531.77 Gate:$4,525.00; Event profit:$2,993.23

World Banner Wars XIV Reign 51. Autocrat: Brennon War-O-Crat: Elder, Feast-O-Crat: Brennon, Head-O-Security: Brennon, Gate-O-Crat: Aylin. Facebook Group, Rules, No Expense Report was filed as Brennon did not submit any bills for reimbursement, Gate Fee: Adults 25$ Total sign ins: 175?; Total Event cost(Site fee):$2,667.00 Gate:$3,747.00; Event profit:$1,080.00

World Banner Wars XV Reign 53. Autocrat: Eniad War-O-Crat: Draeven, Feast-O-Crat: Gryndll, Head-O-Security: Tuk!, Gate-O-Crat: Fionnigan Hellblazer. Facebook Group, Rules, Expense Report , Gate Fee: Adults 20$ Kids 10-14 $10. Kids 9 and under free. Total sign ins: 165; Total Event cost:$1824.97 Gate:$2,920.00; Event profit:$1,095.03

World Banner Wars XVI Reign 55. Autocrat: Dakota Crownstealer War-O-Crat: ???, Feast-O-Crat: ???, Head-O-Security: ???, Gate-O-Crat: ???. Facebook Group, No Expense Report was filed, Gate Fee: Adults 25$ Kids 7-13 $10. Kids 6 and under free. Total sign ins: 220; Total Event cost:$??? Gate:$???; Event profit:$???

World Banner Wars XVII Reign 57. Autocrats: Kat Bloodrayne/Aijae War-O-Crats: Termus/Professor, Feast-O-Crat: Greasy/Jojo, Head-O-Security: Dakota, Gate-O-Crat: Harold/Pops. Facebook Group, [??? Expense Report], Gate Fee: $25. Total sign ins: 211; Total Event cost:$??? Gate:$???; Event profit:$???

World Banner Wars XVIII Reign 59. Autocrat: Professor/Apex Site-o-Crat: Pluto Tigris War-O-Crat: Limbo/Harold Badger, Feast-O-Crat: Jojo, Head-O-Security: Ozymandias, Gate-O-Crat: Ahryie/Marceline. Facebook Group, Rules [??? Expense Report], Gate Fee: Age 10 and up: $30 Kids under 10: free. Total sign ins: 231; Total Event cost:$3,938 TBA Gate:$6,020; Event profit: $2,082

World Banner Wars XIX Reign 61 Autocrat: Bjorn Banhammer Co-Autocrat: Lily Facewrecker Warcrat: Aidan Malgallus Co Warcrat: Corsy Feastcrat: Amethyst Panther Gatecrat: Rorek Silverlight A&S Crat: Forest Evergreen Kidcrat: Saja Tappava Co Kidcrat – Luna Mia Hun Security: Kyria & Muse (Dragonspine) Facility crat: Arretez O’Carrick RP Tavern: Gorlond [Event Page] Gate Fee: Adults $25 Pre Reg/ $30 at Gate, Kids 8-13 $10 Pre Reg/ $15 at Gate. Total Sign Ins: 187 Total event cost: $2464.00 Pre Reg: 1638.11 Gate: $2330.00 Event Profit: 1504.11



"World Banner Wars - May budget an amount not to exceed the average of the preceding three Banner Wars gross expenses. The Kingdom shall not expend an amount for World Banner Wars greater than 50% of the average of the gate revenue for the preceding three World Banner Wars for valid receipts submitted. Any receipts in excess of that amount will only be reimbursed by authority of an althing."