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As of July 7, 2009, the AmtCard Project will no longer be creating new cards. Due to distribution and other issues inherent with large groups such as Amtgard, we have determined that AmtCards are not viable long term in their current incarnation.

If you have an AmtCard system, you will be receiving the most recent update with all of the cards. For updates, or assistance with preparing for your next event, please feel free to email me at [email protected]. Thank you, everyone, for your interest in AmtCard.

What is the AmtCard Project?

The AmtCard Project, not to be confused with Grendel's Fantasy Magic Cards of the 90s, Amtcard, is an Inter-Kingdom campaign to create Amtgard membership cards.


Original Card Design by Lady Dreanya Jurista. Began distribution in 2006.


New Card Design by Lord Squire Chiba Ryúichiro of the Rising Winds was launched at Clan 2008.


Started in the Kingdom of the Emerald Hills in Fall 2006 as "The Emerald Hills' Membership Card", the AmtCard Project is currently gaining ground in other Kingdoms, such as the Rising Winds, the Desert Winds, the Celestial Kingdom, and the Iron Mountains.

In mid 2008, Baronet Lord Squire Chiba Ryúichiro of the Rising Winds designed a new card which included various backgrounds from artists all over the world. Amtgarders, including Alona and Sir Talisin, also submitted backgrounds for use. Alona's can be found on E-Sam.

In June of 2008, Arch Duke Sir Megiddo sel Esdraelon donated an actual ID card maker so the cards would look more professional and would last longer.

What Others Think about AmtCard

Sir Slyddur was quoted as saying "It would only be better if it fell from heaven in a shower of gold."

Grendel Vetra Skald says "The AmtCard Project rocks! It's awesome, a gate without AmtCard is like an ocean without water."

Lurker on E-Sam: “Gate was easy to go through, and easy to run. The system this year really did wonders for things, and was nice and simple for those less than competent(like me)"

Kaads says "While it's cool to carry around and show people that you are a card-carrying amtgard player, the whole system is rather pointless. I mean, it takes me 20 seconds to sign my mundane name, persona name, class I'm playing, and park name at gate; and I never have to really wait in line no matter what time I show up. Did I mention I go to Rising Winds events, which regularly have 200+ people and no real problems at gate?

"Furthermore, setting it up in the first place can just unnecessarily complicate things. Without amtcard? All you need is a lockbox for money (which you need anyway), a series of sign in sheets, and a pen. Amtcard provides a moderate amount of annoyance at gate with no real benefit."

Chiba_Ryúichiro says "amtCard is an ever-evolving work in progress. Besides the kewl factor of custom backgrounds and pretty layout, there's a certain amount of validation that goes along with any organization's use of identification cards. Right now, using the system at gate is about a null-sum proposition. In the real world everyone but Kaads lives in, the gate process is not a clean one, and it's usually not a 20 second, in and out proposition...lots of chatting, milling, confusion, and depending on how many clowns just piled out of that van, often a lot like herding cats. AmtCard cuts thru that a bit, basing the turn around time on the skills and experience of the gate worker, not the ability of each person in line to figure out how to write in simple English, find their ID under the pile of Doritos and Taco Bell sacks, and actually pay for gate after signing in. While a skilled gate worker can speed up the process nominally with amtCard today, the groundwork has been laid to 1) make it idiot proof so anybody can speed up the process and 2) make it substantially faster. Technology just has to catch up, and that can't happen until we breach a specific threshold of users. Don't fear the future, embrace it. We look forward to looking back at your cynicism and laughing."

To get an AmtCard

To apply for your very own AmtCard, use the AmtCard Project's online application. Don't forget to email a headshot to [email protected] after applying.

As issuance of the card requires mundane identification to verify age, your card will then be hand delivered to you by an AmtCard Representative in your area. This typically occurs at events.

AmtCard Representatives

AmtCard Representatives, also referred to as "AmtCard Enthusiasts," are individuals who are involved in the AmtCard Project. AmtCard Representatives verify age and hand deliver AmtCards to AmtCard Holders. Currently, there are AmtCard Representatives in the Celestial Kingdom, Wetlands, Rising Winds, Westmarch, and Iron Mountains.

To become an AmtCard Representative in your area, contact the AmtCard Project at [email protected].

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