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Home Park Querna Tema
Kingdom Rivermoor
Year Started 2000
Noble Title Sama
Belt Status Serpent, Crown, Flame

Apex Radiant Warlord Kupe-Sama Stronghand Darkjester,Querna Tema, Rivermoor

”G'damnit. It's all Kupe's fault!" -Feral
"Kupe keeps the faith" -Asmund
"He doesn't suck." -Grix

"That's okay, I can run faster scared than you can pissed."



Started in the now defunct shire of Fionn, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Along with a number of his Friends, he helped to build Olympus into a Duchy. Is an avid cross gamer playing as much SCA as he can, also Belegarth, Dagorhir, NERO, really anywhere he can fight and meet new people. Was a constant member of the Board of Directors for the Kingdom of Rivermoor. Moved around a fair amount through college, now happily resides in the Duchy of Querna Tema. Married to Tryn in September 2008. Younger brother of Remy. Known for his helping attitude, dedication to Amtgard, and distinct laugh.

Belted Family

Former Squire to Sir Balinor Darkwolf who was squired to Talinor who was squired to Theo Blackflame
Former Man-At-Arms to Francois Antonio di Vini

Affiliated Groups


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