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Baronet Man-at-Arms "Sticktator" Cycla, of the Barony of Wildgard, Kingdom of Rivermoor

”You wanna mess with the FLAMINGO???”



Tundra found Amtgard in June, 2012. Known for wearing little to no clothing during his first cold Canadian winter with Wildgard, Cycla is a young enthusiastic fighter from the far North.

Once, Cycla was cornered and performed a tragic slip where he was impaled by an acorn, causing a large bruise and wound, now known as the acorn scar. Known for multiple horrible pronunciations of his previous name due to sloppy handwriting such as Crayola, Cyola, Cecilia, and, Kite's favorite, the 'recycla.

Affiliated Groups

Member of Jackal Company

House Avicenna

House Northern Shields

House Rivernoir

Belted Family

Cycla is Man-at-Arms to Viscount Raion no Matosai by right of Nobility.

Notable Accomplishments

More Information

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