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Thistle Wulfsbane, of Northern Fields, under the Kingdom of Rivermoor

”Fight me.”


Fighting Kite with his secret weapon, an aire of the dramatic.


Thistle Wulfsbane, native of Wildgard and Northern Fields, has been playing since August of 2012. He is one of the senior members of his park, which is situated in Winnipeg, (a city in Canada). He was elected Consort for the summer reign of 2015, with Cycla as the Sheriff. He joined the now defunct fighting company Jackal Co, but his Amtgard career stagnated shortly after when he took time off in 2016, to work on a his mundande university degree. In 2020, the old Jackal Company members created a new company, called Wayfinders and drew Thistle back into the game. Since returning, he has become a regular member of his home park,which had rebranded to Northern Fields) and met met Tisco, who offered him a Man-at-Arms belt. Thistle was elected local champion in October of 2021, and again in March 2022. He was elevated to squire at Known World War 2022, and was awarded his paragon Bard at that same event. In August of 2022, he took Thire Wolfe as a page.


His persona has developed somewhat over the many years of roleplay that his home park specializes in. He began as an wandering monk, who found a home for himself in the small settlement of Wildgard. There, he joined the local church, The Rosewood Basilica. He rose quickly through the ranks, reaching the rank of Marshal in just under a year. Eventually, the Basilica founder left, and passed the command to Thistle. He militarized the Church, turning it into a powerful force against the many monsters that invaded his home. He was forced to learn the art of fighting demons, and became a vampire to give him the strength to protect his city. After defeating his nemesis, the demon Destael, (who later joined his band of heroes as a reincarnated human), he fought off an barbarian invasion, multiple demon and angel assaults, before spending 6 months in the demon realm, fighting to restore the balance.

Affiliated Groups

  • Jackal Company (defunct)
  • Wayfinders

Belted Family

Squire to Knight Tisco as part of the Inferno Beltline Overbelt to Thire Wolfe

Notable Accomplishments

  • Won Greatsword Tournament, Curse of the Great Pumpkin 2014
  • Regent of Wildgard, March 2015 - October 2015
  • 2x Wildgard Weaponmaster
  • 2x Champion of Northern Fields
  • Warocrat for Battle Beyond the Border 2022
  • Artocrat for A Night in Valhalla in 2015

Additional Images


Thistle doing a casual block.


Character art by Vija

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