Oderic of Normandy

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Count Sir Oderic (Commander), of Querna Tema, Rivermoor.

" No Body fucks with Free co's keg..but me" the keg is Bromos

"Free Company is my preferred weapons form, also known as down spear and off hand pack of giant goons"



One of the founding members of Querna Tema, Founder and Commander of the Free Company.

Husband to the lovely Teleri ne Tema

Affiliated Groups

Free Company (Commander);

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Holds the noble titles of Count, Marquis, Baron, Baronet, and Lord
  • Has held the offices of Prince and Defender in the Principality of Rivermoor
  • Has held the offices of Duke (x2), Regent (x3), Prime Minister (x2), Defender and Sheriff in the Duchy of Querna Tema
  • Master Archer
  • Master Assassin
  • Master Warrior
  • QT Dragonmaster, Feb 06

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More Information

  • Orkicon2.gif
  • Personal Website
  • Company Website