I'Magg Niffesant

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Viscount, Sir I'Magg Niffesant, of Bifost, Celestial Kingdom



Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Before I'Magg was welcomed into the Peerage he was Squire to Sir Theo Blackflame.

Notable Accomplishments

The third ever Champion of the CK
Knight of the Flame, June 1995 at Kingdom MidReign by King Arion Reinquest of the Celestial Kingdom
Knight of the Sword, February 1992 at Kingdom Coronation by King Arioch of the Celestial Kingdom
Warlord - October 2000
Master Bard - March 1998
Master Monster - March 1996
Master Anti-Paladin - March 1993
Master Warrior - March 1992
Master Rose - February 1992
Master Healer - March 1991
Viscount - September 1992
Baron - October 1990
Lord - October 1989

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