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Lord, Squire Meecher Maker, of Traitor's Hollow The Celestial Kingdom

Annihalus To The BONE, Baby!”



Joined Amtgard in March, 1991 at Turris Lunae(Celestial Kingdom yr.1). Was brought into Annihalus later that same year at "NO GOLFING" park in Kerrville. Squired to Viscount Warlord Sir I'magg Nifisant at Sir Theo Blackflame's stepping down. "Thopped" Calvin in the throat at 10th year clan almost causing a riot(sweet!). Ran two of the most successful quests ever done in the CK. Highly skilled in florentine, Spear, double dagger, single dagger, throwing weapons, and bow.

Affiliated Groups

The only one that matters... ANNIHALUS!

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Former Captain of Annihalus, Walker of the Middle
Most obnoxious member of CK ever!
Author of the infamous "Aramithris licks my dog's balls..." post.

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