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Domina Woman-At-Arms WHOOP*, (A.K.A. Yuu Mii), of the Dutchy of Mists of the Dawn under the Kingdom of Polaris

”Never trust an unarmed man.”

Often proclaims ”I am not nice!” or ”I am not your friend!” when flanks too hard on the ditch field.

”Are you wearing your cup?”



WHOOP* came to Wildgard because she heard they had plenty of untapped resources. On her travels she had been cursed by a mermaid and needed to find the cure. She found it at long last in Wildgard; a mixture of different minerals and obsidian stone cut the cursed skin off. *jabbers on and on*

Travelled to the states for a Summer trials XII event and became addicted to the fighty whackins.

Is now the resident pirate in Wildgard but travels south when able.

Affiliated Groups


Midwest Trading Company

House northern shields

House Avicenna

Blue Lotus

Belted Family

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