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Viscount Skrag of Olympus Proper, Iron Mountains

"Tell me again, why did we vote for a chocobo on our pricipality heraldry?"


Recieving his title of Viscount @ Olympus Principality Midreign from Prince Covus, May '09.


Skrag started to play in the now defuct shire of Fionn with his friends Di Immortales. He quickly gained a deep love for the game and after helping found Olympus became one of its most dedicated players, leaders and examples. His first big event Spring War he got so severely sunburned he was unable to fight, instead of whining or lazing about, he spent the rest of the event taking pictures and helping anywhere in the shade. Skrag is a great example of the love of the game and the spirit of Olympus.

Skrag is the older brother of Weezicus.

Affiliated Groups

Free Company- Major 2nd Battalion

Notable Accomplishments

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Hittin' the ice luge with Dame Linden @ Rakis '09

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