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A brown mace and axe crossed on an orange field: a common heraldry for Barbarians

Barbarian is a core class that overwhelms the opponent with brute force.

From the Rulebook

The Chinese, from ancient periods onward, have considered everyone else to be barbarians, and oddly enough it is the Eastern tradition from India to China that gives us the image of civilization defending itself against the nomadic hordes of such peoples as the Tartars, White Huns, Seljuk Turks, and other steppe tribes.


Conan, Yellowbeard, Leif Eriksson, Attila theHun, Alaric the Vandal, the Voivode


Garb: White sash and medieval/sword and sorcery looking garb
Look The Part: Fight After Death 1/Refresh (ex) (Amb)
Armor: 3pts
Shields: Medium
Weapons: All Melee, Javelins, Rocks
Limitations: May not receive Enchantments from other classes.

Class Abilities

Abilites By Level
Level Abilities
1st Immune to Subdual (T)

Immune to Command (T)
Berserk (T)

2nd Fight After Death 1/Refresh (ex) (Ambulant)
3rd Adrenaline Unlimited (ex)
4th Fight After Death 2/Refresh (ex) (Ambulant)
5th Brutal Strike 1/Life Charge x3 (ex) (Ambulant)
6th Blood and Thunder Unlimited (ex)


T: Granted as Trait S: Sorcery R: Self
E: Bearer’s melee weapons are Armor Breaking.

Fight After Death

T: Verbal S: Sorcery R: Self
I: “Fight after death” immediately after dying
E: Player continues to fight for seven seconds after being killed. Players must Chant this time out loud, as per Chanting, failure to count immediately ends the effect.
Players ignore further Wounds during Fight After Death.
Player’s melee weapons are Shield Crushing.
L: Players may not activate Abilities or Magic during Fight After Death.
Players may not activate Fight After Death if they died while Suppressed, Stunned, Insubstantial, or Frozen.
States on the player (Such as Stopped) persist until Fight After Death has ended and are then removed as per the rules for player death.
Players may not achieve game objectives nor carry game items while affected by Fight After Death, though they may still kill other players even if that player is a game objective.
N: Reeves are encouraged to remove this ability from those who use it in an unsafe manner.


T: Verbal S: Spirit R: Self
I: “Adrenaline”
E: Player heals a wound.
L: Kill Trigger.

Brutal Strike

T: Verbal S: Death R: Unlimited
I: “And stay down!”
E: Victim is Cursed. Victim is also Suppressed for 30 seconds.
L: Wound Trigger.
N: Brutal Strike targets the wounded or dead player and does not require verbal targeting.

Blood and Thunder

T: Verbal S: Spirit R: Self
I: “Blood and Thunder!”
E: Player gains Blessing Against Wounds.
L: Kill Trigger
N: Player must still wear a white strip to denote Blessing Against Wounds.

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It is said that the class originated by the late Grimbold of the Burning Lands.

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