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Some Magic and Abilities may continue to be used after their per-life or per-refresh uses are consumed. These Magic and Abilities are denoted with the word “Charge” and a number after them. In order to gain an additional per-life or per-refresh use of a Charge Magic or Ability the Charge Incantation must be repeated in full the number of times indicated by number after Charge. For instance an Ability labeled ‘Charge x3’ requires three full repetitions of the Charge Incantation in order to be usable.

Unless otherwise noted:

  1. Once an ability has been Charged, it may then be held for later use in the same game. Once it is used you may then Charge it again for another use.
  2. Any Incantation to activate a Charged ability is separate from the Charge Incantation.
  3. Charges for per-refresh Magic and Abilities carry between lives; a per-refresh Ability Charged on a previous life and not used can be used on the next life.
  4. Charged Magic and Abilities that are per life or per Refresh lose their Charge when they are replenished.
    Example: A Charged Ability which is ‘1/Life Charge x3’ loses its Charge when a player begins a new life, but may be Charged normally once the standard per-life uses have been consumed.
  5. The ability being Charged must be designated at the beginning of the Charge.
  6. You may only have one instance of a given Magic or Ability Charged at a time.
    Example: An Ability listed as 2/life Charge x3 may only be Charged once both per-life uses have been expended, and may only have a single instance of the Ability Charged thereafter.
  7. Only Magic and Abilities which may be Charged can benefit from Innate, Steal Life Essence, etc.


A single ‘Charge Incantation’ is repeating the following phrase:

Out of battle I pause to rest.
I take some time to catch my breath.
Return to me my fleeting power.
To aid me in my darkest hour.