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Class Abilities

Ability Defined

Powers or skills that must be activated to be used.

  1. Ability Enchantments denoted as Magical (m) in the class description count towards the bearers limit for carried Enchantments. May be removed by Magic that removes Enchantments, such as Dispel Magic.
  2. Ability Enchantments denoted as Extraordinary (ex) in the class description do not count towards enchantment limits or count for the purposes of Attuned, Essence Graft or similar magic and abilities. May be removed by Magic that removes Enchantments, such as Dispel Magic. A player may not have more than one (ex) enchantment of the same name.
  3. Unless otherwise specified, Ability enhanced equipment cannot be used except by the player who enhanced the equipment. For instance: an Archer cannot loan their Poison Arrow to another player, even another Archer.
  4. Abilities that are denoted as Ambulant in the class description do not require the statement of ‘Ambulant’ before their incantation.
  5. Ability Incantations follow all the rules of magical Incantations unless otherwise noted. Incantations for Abilities listed as Extraordinary (ex) do not require a free hand.
  6. Abilities granted via an Enchantment retain the original School of the Ability, not the School of the Enchantment.
  7. Ongoing Effects are effects applied by Abilities where the effect lasts for some specified duration (Examples: Fight After Death, Heat Weapon, and Shake it Off) or for an indefinite duration (Examples: Amplification, Elemental Barrage, and Shove).

See Magic, Abilities, States and Special Effects for further explanation, and a list of all spells and abilities.


Abilities for fighting classes are listed using the following format:
Name [Uses] ([Category]) ([Notes])


The name of the Ability.


How often the Ability can be used. Possible options are:

This Ability may be used any number of times.
This Ability may be used X number of times each life. Each time you respawn you have a fresh set of these ‘per life’ Abilities.
This Ability may be used X number of times per Refresh. You start the game with a full set of these ‘per refresh’ Abilities, but they are only refilled when a Reeve announces a Refresh.
May be used in conjunction with per life or per refresh, or on its own. Charge Abilities can be used any number of times, but must be Charged after the initial uses are expended.
Not listed 
This Ability isn’t an activated Ability.


What kind of Ability it is. Possible options are:

Trait: This is an always-on self-only Ability which cannot be removed in any way and never requires an Incantation of any sort to start and does not require an Enchantment Strip or count towards the bearer’s Enchantment limit.
Extraordinary: This Ability is not magical in nature. It could represent poison from a vial or using a piece of twine to fix a broken arrow. An Ability listed as (ex) which is defined as being an Enchantment in its Ability definition generally behaves as an Enchantment but does not count towards the limit of Enchantments that may be worn by a player.
Magical: This Ability is magical in nature. If the Definition of this Ability lists it as an Enchantment then it follows all the rules for Enchantments and counts towards the limit of Enchantments that may be worn by a player.


Anything non-standard about the Ability. Typical examples might be Ambulant or Persistent.

Abilities Format Key

Class and Level: Here will be listed each class that can use this ability, and at what level they get access to it.
T: Type - Verbal, Enchantment, Magic Ball, Meta-Magic, Neutral, Specialty Arrow
S: School - Command, Death, Flame, Neutral, Protection, Sorcery, Spirit, Subdual
R: Range (if any) - Self, Touch, 20', 50', Ball
I: Incantation
M: Materials
E: Effects
L: Limitations or Restrictions
N: Notes