Barbarian (V7)

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Circa 6.0

Barbarian is a core class (V7) that overwhelms the opponent with brute force.

From the Rulebook (V7)

Note: This version is outdated, for the current V8 version see here: Barbarian (V7)

The Chinese, from ancient periods onward, have considered everyone else to be Barbarians, and oddly enough it is the Eastern tradition from India to China that gives us the image of civilization defending itself against the nomadic hordes of such peoples as the Tartars, White Huns, Seljuk Turks, and other steppe tribes.


Conan, Yellowbeard, Leif Eriksson, Hannibal Barca, Attila the Hun, Alaric the Vandal, the Voivodes

Garb (V7):

Must wear a fur or leather sash (V7) that cannot reasonably be mistaken for the sash of any other class.


Cannot carry enchantment (V7)s. May not use relics except Heimdall’s Horn (V7).

Class details:

Barbarian Level Lives Weapons Armor Immunities Abilities and Traits
1st 4 All melee, rocks (V7) 2 points, large shields (V7) Subdual Berserk (V7) (ex) (1/game)
2nd - throwing weapons (V7) (T) - - -
3rd - javelins (V7) (T) - - Fight After Death (V7) when Berserk (V7) (T)
4th 5 - - - Powerful Blows (V7) (T)
5th - bows (V7) (T) - - -
6th - - - - Berserk (V7) becomes (2/game)

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