Death (Combat)

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Any two Wounds, or a Wound to the Torso, results in a Death.

  1. Unless otherwise noted a Dead player may not speak to living players or interact with game play in any manner.
  2. Unless otherwise noted in the battlegame description a Dead player may choose to return to their respawn point or remain where they died but may not otherwise move about.
  3. Dead players may move to avoid mundane danger or interfering with living players.
    • This does not count as moving for the purposes of Magic or Abilities so long as no game advantage was derived.
  4. Dead players may retrieve their own equipment from the field while dead, but may not interfere with play in any way and must stay at least 10 ft from any living opposing players while doing so.
  5. Dead players that move after dying may only return to play via respawn unless otherwise noted.
  6. Unless otherwise noted Dead players may not be the target of Magic or Abilities.