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About Barbarians

This is a page that includes direct quotes from people about history or other in game aspects; these can come in the form of sage advice, rants or humor. Updaters please feel free to add to the pages below but please do not subtract even if you disagree with the info or opinion.

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Why Barbarians are good.

Underwear is optional.

Why Barbarians suck.

Someone who foolishly played Druid asked Bangor some advice about playing the Barbarian class. Here is Bangor's answer:

Your first mistake was playing Druid. Don't trust Magic! Bangor give you advice anyways, magic-lover.

First, learn melee control. You may already have it, you may not, but this is people's biggest bone against Barbarians. No one likes an unsafe flailer, especially one in FaD. Control your roll, dog.

Second, the greatest strength of the Barbarian is not in FaD, as even the game balancers seem to think; it's in the weapon selection. There is one little problem, and that is that every other class uses our weapons better. Whether by enchantments, or improved versions (such as longbow), we can't use their weapons like them. They don't get all of them like us, however, so carry at least three types of weapons on the field with you. Keep a spare throwing ax or two in your belt, a few shuriken in your pocket, a quiver with at least six arrows, two swords in sheaths, two javelins, and a medium or large shield (depending on your size, bigger is not always better). Throw your javelins and then go sword and board for maximum field strength. You can reshealth your sword, and then pummel your opponent with throwies, then go right back to sword and board. You can lose your shield and then go florentine. You can pick up a bow and launch a salvo into the enemy. You are a swiss army knife.

Third, roleplay. Barbarian is perhaps the most widely roleplayed class in Amtgard, and why Bangor love it so much. Just about anyone can be coerced into grunting, stomping, and getting into the spirit of the game, while other classes need far less bravado. Oh, and don't trust Magic. We Barbarians know better.

Fourth, learn ALL weapons. You don't have to be a warlord with all of them, but you must learn how to throw, how to shoot bow, how to use every combination of sword and pole known to Amtgard. If your group has some strange weapons, like giant hammers, throwing boulders, sickles, three section staves, nunchucks, chakrams, etc... Check Them Out. Learn how to use anything you get your dirty Barbarian hands on. You are a swiss army knife.

Fifth, garb. Barbarian has the widest variety of possible garb combinations. Usually it's fur and leather, but you could go period and wear chain, or fantasy and wear a loincloth. They are all Barbarians. Fit the theme, it's not that hard. And no magic. Barbarians hate magic.

Sixth, exercise. That's right, exercise, you fatteh! Barbarians are known for their strength and speed. Sure, it's fantasy, but help fill in the gap by being able to fit into the proverbial village belt, or if you are wirey, don't pass out from running 3 feet. Nothing spoils the image like a wimpy Barbarian.

Powerful Blows, if only it did something useful...Ah, a final point. Polearms. Don't use them unless you are on a berserk life, and it's a great weapon. There is no point to sacrificing the protection of a shield for the reach of a polearm. The game just isn't geared in it's favor. Now you might want to use it for flava or because you are a superleet ninjer with polearms, and then fine, but by far and large avoid their use. That's what you took two javelins on the field for, silly.