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Baron Man-at-Arms Reinhart the Dapper Dan Man, of Centerpoint, Rivermoor

”The Keyboard hero you need. Not the Keyboard hero you deserve”



Started playing at Centerpoint in October 2015. Reinhart quickly made himself an asset to Centerpoint. He has served as Prime Minister during the transition from Barony to Duchy and beyond and was awarded his Lord and Baronet title for his two consecutive terms. He is renowned for having excellent garb and even earned the non-noble title of "The Dapper Dan Man" for it. His armor, seen above, was briefly famous across Amtgard for how damn pretty it is.

He was the Duke of Centerpoint and GMR of Rivermoor for Winter 2017-2018 Reign and Centerpoint's PM for two consecutive terms prior to being Duke.

Well regarded as a competitive player, especially as a Bard, which he attained Paragon in 2017.

Affiliated Groups

Wings of the Dawn - Full member
White Lotus - Member

Belted Family

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Reinhart is actually far too pretty to be caught on camera.

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