Medryn Harlequin

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Arch Duke Sir Medryn Harlequin, of the Duchy of the Iron Mountains

A.K.A. Meddy de Sade

Takko "Yea Cheese Soda was kinda a Bad idea"(off in the distance)

Medryn " Bad idea!?!?! it was a fucking horrible idea. That's like saying "Roger's Raiders yea they're kinda fat""



Medryn began his career in the Celestial Kingdom, serving as kingdom Regent as well as Prince of Tir A Sol. He cites an early admonition from a local knight- "If you're going to wear it, wear it pretty!"- as his inspiration for becoming an outstanding artisan and garber, earning the title of Knight of the Serpent.

Medryn then relocated to the Iron Mountains, where he has held the offices of Imperial Regent, Duke of the Duchy of the Iron Mountains, and was King in reign 30. Sir Medryn moved to the Iron Mountains and brought his picky Serpent-belt tendencies with him. In recent years, he has become renowned for throwing more people under the bus of Imperial Service successfully than any two or three other people combined, and earned the title of Knight of the Crown from the Iron Mountains in 2004.

Participated in the Johnny-a-thon as Johnny BuffySpike, for his (at the time) Spike-esk blond hair.

Most notably, in real life Medryn is a Criminal Defense Attorney.

Affiliated Groups

Medryn is a new member of House Prodigy, and a member of House Harlequin and of Bellator Adamas. He is also Meddy de Sade of the Scarlet Meanies. Former member of Phoenix Guard and Annihalus.

Belted Family

Notable Deeds