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Squired Person at Arms, The Competent Bloosephine Blooestine Von McNussenstein Stormarsdottir Bringer of Wild Escourt, Meme Queen of Rivermoor

”This is fine. ...” ”This is not fine. ...”


Bloo began on a warm February day in 2017 after being pulled out by her friend Fuzz. She's since dived in face first with surprising fervor, travelling all over the country, fighting folks, making stuff, and all around being the bubbliest person you've probably ever met. Hit her up for slick makeup tricks or for just a chat.

Fancies herself as a Kitsune.

Previously paged to Kale but due to mundane life went separate ways.

Previously Woman at Arms to Romku Tetsulian but was left behind when he abruptly stopped playing.

Affiliated Groups

Member of Wings of the Dawn Member of White Lotus

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

Was appointed Queen of Memes

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