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Squire Lady Tess, of Goldenvale

just Tess

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Renown for being The Stick Chick of the Rivers End for destroying any army and any opponent she comes across. Though she denies everything we are still in progress building a statue of her to erect in The Rivers End town square.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Squire to Sir Medryn Harlequin - Given by Sir Medryn, September 2006

Woman at Arms Whiskey

Notable Accomplishments

  • Defeated Sword Knight Syr Sanchez's prodigy Squire Colt in battle with ease.
  • Tess singlehandedly vanquished the Witch-king of Angmar and all his armies.
  • Sword knights fear her and wet themselves at the very mention of her name.
  • Though she is veagan she will still rip your throat out with her teeth setting it on fire with the uttering of dark curses upon your soul.
  • None in the land can beat her... though many try.
  • Has the ability to force a man to eat butter, just by putting it in front of him.
  • Akin's Hero
  • Title of "Defender of the Black Dragon" - March 2009
  • The only "Citizen of Goldenvale" - December 2008

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