Thrann Von Doom

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Count Squire Protector Thrann Von Doom, of Eagleshire the Emerald Hills


”When you play the game of thrones, try not to get little fingered by the hand of the king.”

"Shoveltop chicken, mmmmmm tastes like dirt."


Thrannthalis Von Doom began his Amtgard life as Thrannthalis Aspen in the Barony of Gryphons Haven. He was a central figure in the founding and growth of Gryphons Haven. He held the titles of Sheriff and Baron. He moved to Denton in 1999 and began attending Eagleshire. He soon joined TuK! Uziel and the company of Gryphons Rage, a year later he brought in his friend and fellow Gryphons Havenite Fionnigan Hellblazer. He stayed with the company for a little over three years, and amidst political upheaval in the company left and joined the Corsairs. Thus began the life of one of Amtgard's greatest villians Thrann Von Doom.


  • He's a lefty.
  • He's an excellent artist, and a pretty decent guitarist to boot.
  • He once had pizza and discussed Star Wars with Evan Dando of the Lemonheads.


  • He discovered the secret of the universe, and forgot it.
  • He created Fionnigan Hellblazer from a sketch he drew during an algebra class in high school. You know kind of like The Mission episode of Amazing Stories.

Affiliated Groups


  • Order of the Hellsailor given by Grand Inquisitor Sutra Bahuas and Prince Regent Nexus Crow, The Mad Hatter, Emerald Hills. For bravely coming to EH MidReign XXXVIII despite weather conditions. March 31, 2007.

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