Jhonus So-Far

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Sir Jhonus So-Far, of the Iron Mountains

”No shit, there I was, Thusrday night at Clan.... that ain't based on shit!”



Jhonus was previously known as Nate-So-Far and The Stupendous Yappie. Since his knighting, he is occasionally called "Nate-Sir-Far".

Jhonus is the originator of the '"No Shit, there I was, Thursday night at Clan..."' story, which was a drunken recollection of an actual experience at Clan XIV. (Yes, it REALLY happened!) However this is a variation on the begining of an old SCA story "No shit, there I was...".

Affiliated Groups

Jhonus is a member and a previous Alpha of The Wolves of Cernunnos.

Belted Family

His squires include; Jewels and Hunter

Notable Accomplishments

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