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Count Sir Orlando Ebasdotter, of Obsidian Hills.

”A Kingdom is only as strong as the character of its citizens.”



Something about that flurby name that everyone invents when they are young and stupid should go here...so, I'll post it.

My Amtgard name is Orlando Ebasdotter. But everyone calls me Obie (and it's quite funny how frequently the two get mixed up)

Originally from the Great Empire of the Iron Mountains, and now a resident of a barony of the Rising Winds, located in Central Cincinnati, OH called Obsidian Hills. I am always looking for the next song to sing, brew to try, or person to 'sluff.'

Affiliated Groups

Wolves of Cernunnos
House Big Sluff
Wolves of Taranis

Belted Line

Dame Gwynne of Tarnlea (Serpent, Flame)

Notable Accomplishments

  • Marquis - Given by Micheal H.O.G., for serving as Duke and Ducal Regent of the Duchy of the Northern Holdfast back to back, comprising most of 2003. During this time the NH underwent a great expansion, going from just a few players in the beginning of the year, to over 70 players in the summer months.
  • Count - Given by Talisin, for serving as the Prime Minister of the Empire of the Iron Mountains in the fall of 2004 and spring of 2005. Of note, one of the major accomplishments of his term, Orlando produced a 'Petitioning Packet' that all subgroups petitioning the Empire would be required to fill out, saving the Emperor and PM a lot of time in answering emails from outlying groups.
  • Outrider - Given by Takezu, for traveling the Empire, trying to make it a better place. Primarily for assisting the Shire located 120 miles away in Canyon City foster growth during late 2004 and 2005, resulting in promotion to Barony, and making them feel welcome in the Empire, as a strong park, eager to contribute to the glory of the Empire.
  • Master Dragon - Given by Thorvald and Brock at the Rising Winds Spring Coronation, March 2009. Primarily for a special talent in chain jewelry. However, contributions to bardic, art, brewing, and garbing, were all factors, as well.
  • Rakis Autocrat - 2004
  • Battlecry Autocrat - 2008
  • SKBC Autocrat - 2009

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