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A freehold is a chapter that is not a part of a kingdom, either before joining a kingdom or as a park independent of all other parks. Freeholds make up about 6-7% of active Amtgard membership.

Remaining a freehold


"Becoming a knight from a freehold is nearly impossible. As a freehold you are not exactly outcasts, but you are restricted to using the Burning Lands Corpora and never advancing past "Shire". You technically don't have a kingdom to hand out any higher awards including titles such as knighthood." -Glenalth

While most parks begin with the intention of joining a kingdom in the future, some chose to remain a freehold, for various reasons. Often, freeholds wish to remain independent of kingdom rule, having to answer to no higher authority than Amtgard Inc.

There are downsides to independence. A freehold will never, no matter how large you become, become a barony or higher. The chapter will retain the rights of a shire, and therefore only even gain a shire's priveldges. Freeholds only are able to give out two orders of any award to any one person, and can never bestow masterhoods, titles, or knighthoods.

Per the Freehold Corpora they are also unique in that they must uphold all bans and suspensions that are issued by any Kingdom of Amtgard, without exception.