Guildmaster of Assassins

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a lesser Officer

What do they do?

Class guild masters of all stripes are responsible for helping people that are new to their class. But many shirk this duty or don't realize that they have it.

What can they do?

Given the chance class guildmaster can make a tremendous difference in the local players experience. Passing out sashes or writing Level Tests. Generate or make available ability lists. Give demos on making masks with different materials. Host an Assassin tourney with appropriate prizes, poison vials, ninja swords etc. Discuss loop holes, and what the official ruling on them is, many players have been playing so long that they are acting on their faulty memories more than the rulebook. Like so many things the job is as much or as little as you put into it.

How do I become one?

Guildmasters are voted on at a Kingdom level Althing usually at Coronation. In most places you may only vote if you have played the class in question in the last six months, in some you must be a 'contributing member' to vote. .


Don't try to win this title to put a 'feather in your cap' and then do nothing with it. You will be the only one thinking you are hot stuff.


Talk to your GMR and Champion see if you can help them with their duties during their reigns. Ask questions on your kingdom's list, see if there is any area that your class is weak in. When doing demos travel with your Monarch this will usually insure a generally higher turn out, and give you more students.


An RP Post on the RW List

Hail Brothers and Sisters:

As the new Guildmaster of Assassins I have one directive: Kill all who deserve it.

I will not even tolerate a discussion as to the scouts GM's assertations only simply to say WRONG!!!! We are the Night We are the Darkness; We move as the Borgia, the Kali, the Ninja, the Hashashyyn & the Shinobi through the corridors of Power as well as the streets of the lowly serf, fulfilling our contracts and oaths as promised. We kill without Mercy; Only to Honor our own Creed by using death itself as a tool not just a weapon. So although we are split as four into one the whole of us will do our parts. We are not what our enemies think we are, we are what they fear in the night, the breeze on the raised hair of their necks as they shudder in anticipation. The only thought you must have is kill well, kill often, and keep what you kill.

Sincerely, Shadow Corvus GM of Assassins for Rising Winds, June 2007 - November 2007

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