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Garnd Admiral Sir Marcus Tiberius Gracchus, of Falcon Tor in the Kingdom of Tal Dagore

  • Nutshots for everybody
  • Beer. Bring me beer.


Marcus started playing Amtgard at Falcon Tor in January of 2012 while in his senior year of college. There, he began shooting and continued playing there until he moved home to St Louis in 2013 and changed to Jupiter's Stones. He was belted to Thorne Nemoralis at TD's Crown Quals, coming into a beltline of distinguished Archers, which he hopes to propagate. He has continued to spread his joy of shooting and drinking in Tal Dagore, and at a few multi-kingdom events as well.

Notable Accomplishments

Affiliated Groups

Sol Invictus

Belted Family

Thorne Nemoralis, Lorell, and Marcus winning KOTB 2013

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