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A highly motivated, synergistic team of tremendously skilled individuals who strive for excellence, enthusiasm, and enjoyment in all their endeavors. Team Drakknar makes appearances in many major events throughout the year like Spring War, SKBC, Rakis, and Battle Cry. Look for them at an event near you.

Team Drakknar's membership is fluid, yet it always seems to include the entire side that the team's captain, Drakknar, is fighting on.

Past MVP's of Team Drakknar:

  1. Megiddo, WBW 2005
  2. Q-Ball , Spring War 2006
  3. Jynx Mercades, Spring War 2006
  4. Sponge Harkonnen, Spring War 2006
  5. Heydeez Pyros Harkonnen, Spring War 2006
  6. Zandar of Blackspire, SKBC 2006
  7. Kain of the Iron Mountains, SKBC 2006
  8. Glenalth, SKBC 2006
  9. Haggis, SKBC 2006
  10. Squeak!, SKBC 2006
  11. Tar'get DeMark, Piratical Sabbatical 2006
  12. Qualin, Tri-Kingdom Midreign 2006
  13. Randalf Falconbridge, Tri-Kingdom Midreign 2006
  14. Spyn Thrift N’than, World Banner Wars 2006
  15. Mafuda, CK Mid-Reign Spring 2007
  16. Tugen, Spring War 2007
  17. Rayhawk of Starmount, SKBC 2007
  18. Reana Stormblade of North Haven, SKBC 2007
  19. Kakeda of Querna Tema, SKBC 2007
  20. Joseph Powell of Olympus, SKBC 2007
  21. Elizabeth of Goldenvale, Great Eastern 2007
  22. Rant, World Banner Wars 2007
  23. Flare, Tri-Kingdom Midreign 2008
  24. Stormdancer, SKBC 2008
  25. Corranna Yngling, SKBC 2008
  26. Destiny of Desert Winds, SKBC 2008
  27. Lily Sumac, SKBC 2008
  28. Torgoth of South Gate, Salt Wars 2008
  29. Hannibal of Falcon's Reach, Salt Wars 2008
  30. Rolgrim of The River's End, Salt Wars 2008
  31. Molly Mallone of Wolven Fang, Great Eastern 2008
  32. Bowen of Goldenvale, Great Eastern 2008
  33. Armand DeSanto of Sea of Rhye, Great Eastern 2008
  34. Grendel Vetra Skald of the Iron Mountains, World Banner Wars 2008
  35. Magnus Heartseeker of the Frost Lands, Spring War 2009
  36. Fitz of Goldenvale, Great Eastern 2009
  37. Beauregaurd Brutus Elevo of the Belegarth Realm of Rhûn, Lord of War 2009
  38. Ilmryn Gnome-Stroke III of Dragonspine, Gathering of the Clans 2011
  39. Greasy Goldmoon of The Wetlands, Spring War 2016

Squire Jynx Had this to say about TeaM Drakknar

'movie guy voice' In a ditch field... somewhere in the CK... */movie guy voice*

<heartbeat noises> picture of a kid ditching in slow motion</heartbeat noises>

<movie guy voice> Two men met on the 'SAME SIDE.'One, a lowly squire with no riteousness in his soul. The other, one of the Chosen of BoB, a man who's soul was filled with riteous fury. Captain of the team..</movie guy voice>

<heartbeat noises>

  • Flash images of Drakknar's face, and fighting people montages filled with ditchfield noises*

</heartbeat noises>

<movie guy voice> Their lives would change forever... the day that Squire joined...</movie guy voice>

<dramatic running noises>, followed by all 15 MVP's of TEAM DRAKKNAR running over a hill, and down into battle, with Drakknar leading the charge</>

<movie guy voice> TEAM DRAKKNAR! Coming this Spring War to a Ditchfield near you! </movie guy voice>

  • flash credits for people who made the movie.*