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Also known as the Praetorians, Praetorian Guard XIII, PG-XIII, or just XIII. It's formal name is Cohors Praetoria XIII, though most just call them the Praetorians or "Thirteen".



XIII is a diverse Fighting Company that has its founding in HFS and Amtgard, while now mostly playing Amtgard, Dagorhir, and Belegarth. Most are true cross game players and will play any similar style game including participation with the SCA


The XIII device is officially a golden sunburst inset with the Roman numeral XIII though they also make use of other traditional Roman devices (eagles, lions, scorpions, crescent moons, and stars). The company colors are red, black and gold.

There have been several variations on the company device for the XIII. The current one used on Garb and most Equipment is the one below, designed by Sir Gabriel of Bhurtok either with a Gold Sun and Black Letters, or a Blood Red Sun with regular Red Letters, or a variation depending on the background of the item it is placed on.



The Praetorians Fighting Company was founded in the Celestial Kingdom by Squire Selene Falconbridge, Sir Randalf Falconbridge, and Squire Bael Silverflame in February of 2005.

The company was reformed in 2006 at Spring War by Sir Augustus, Squire Bael Silverflame, Sir Darphius Chronus, Sir Gabriel of Bhurtok, Sir Nezzerin, with Sir Randalf Falconbridge, and Squire Selene Falconbridge re-added to the founding roster shortly after.

In the year of 2011 the Praetorians reformed again, restructuring with Augustus, Darphius Chronus, and Gabriel of Bhurtok.


  • Founder - this is not a membership position.
    • One of the "founders" of the XIII. Really this means nothing except someone to go to for historical and company-goal advice for the XIII. Ultimately if a restructuring or refocusing of the company is needed, these people tend to head up the effort as a council. True company "founders" such as Rand, Selene, and Bael as mentioned in the History above are moved in and out of the position as participation within the club dictates.
  • Leader - (Praefectus/Prefect)
    • This is the public facing leader of the company. It is a silly position that is awarded forcefully to the person who cooks the most food at events for XIII. There are no real responsibilities, however it could be said that if we needed one representative from the whole company this person would likely be it if he or she is charismatic and good at public functions, unless he or she declined, in which case an ambassador from the officers group would be named by vote for that situation.
  • Officer - (Tribuni/Tribune)
    • There is a leader of each "Territory". This member represents the company outwardly to other institution leadership or may appoint a speaker with more domain knowledge of that other institution. Officers also tend to be the voice for a territory at company meetings. Leaders are mostly figurative otherwise and hold no power over other members as the XIII is a true democratic group. The leader of a territory is usually named by the XIII at a company meeting, but may also be elected democratically in an area by that territory's XIII members.
  • General - (Praetor) - Mostly unofficial
    • These are field command leaders for battles, they are often chosen on the spot based on experience and desire for the event/battle that is under way. A member that is chosen and performs this duty regularly is given permission to use the title permanently, but serves no other purpose than to assume battlefield leadership of company members during a battle-game.
  • Member - (Praetorian)
    • These are full members, with full voice and voting rights in the Company. People who have proven they are willing to follow the values and expectations of the XIII are promoted to this rank.
  • Initiate - (Plebian or Plebe)
    • People who are being considered for full membership. Plebes are selected by local membership. Plebes have no voting rights in the company officially but may be consulted in certain circumstances. Plebes are usually brought in by local leadership (Officers), and may consult with other territory leadership, but must inform other territory leadership so that introductions can be made at a later date and members may interact with the known plebe for future consideration to full membership.
  • Cohorts - this is not a membership position.
    • Cohorts are friends of the company, who have somewhat open invitations to the company and are given a belt favor or sash to indicate the relationship. These are not members of the company, as they are usually full members of another fighting company, but still wish to be affiliated with the XIII in some fashion.

Identifying Ranks

There is no outward identification between ranks other than between initiates and others. Plebes are not allowed to wear garb that sports any version of a XIII logo, other than on belt sashes and equipment such as shields. This is to limit the influence their actions may reflect upon the company (good or bad) while they are only a candidate.


Membership in the Praetorians is almost always by invite only. They do not look down on people who ask to join, but typically they approach desired members personally.


Note: Members listed below with knighthoods have the game system and group they were knighted under listed after their title to distinguish them from those that hold Amtgard knighthoods.




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