The Brotherhood of the Red Hand

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The Brotherhood of the Red Hand


About the Brotherhood

The Brotherhood is an Amtgard household based primarily in the Celestial Kingdom. It was founded in the summer of 1998 by Sir Vigus N'Thrac, who remains the one constant in the fluctuating group. The colors of the Brotherhood are blood red and slate grey, and the symbol is the red hand. Members reside in Austin, San Antonio, and Bastrop. In the past the Brotherhood operated both as a line unit or as a skirmishing group, whether independently or in support of other companies, depending on the size of the engagement. The Brotherhood traditionally fought along the CK right flank during the wars of the late 1990's and early 2000's. Occasionally referred to as the Raiders of the CK due to the generally "beefy" build of the earliest members, recent recruits have tended to be younger, faster, and slimmer. The Brotherhood roster has varied from as few as five to as many as twenty members, fluctuating over time as people came and went. The Brotherhood was founded as a fighting Company, but recently voted to become a Household to allow its members to find active companies of their own. Unfortunately, few members have remained consistently active in Amtgard as of 2007.

Members of the Brotherhood

Former Members of the Brotherhood