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Lady, EdgeLord, Squire, CodeName: Project MidNite Sparkle, Lady of House Sparkle, Quintessence Enchantress (Paragon Druid), The Root, The Last Celestial Kingdom Guildmaster of Druids, DenMother of Traitor's Gate, MidLand Emissary of the SMOLS, of Traitor's Gate Celestial Kingdom.

" I serve to be a beacon of light in the Darkness, once you Sparkle bright enough you catch Flame. Serving others is our path to Greatness"

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The flurbiest flurb in the game!

  • Beautiful blurb written by D'arcy*

Midnite plays out of Traitor's Gate in the Celestial Kingdom. They started playing in 2017 and have achieved amazing things since then. Which only makes sense because they are amazing.

When Midnite first started playing Amtgard, they were recognized by King Fog almost immediately with an Order of the Boken for "Amazing new player persona and garb." Midnite has worn the most colorful and amazing garb from the very beginning.

But I think their most amazing achievement is having been given their Paragon Druid after only a 8 months of play! That was an amazing moment and I think we all cried. Midnite also has six Orders of the Dragon and seven Roses. They have quickly become an integral part of the Celestial Kingdom.

Affiliated Groups


House Sparkle

Traitor's Gate

Celestial Kingdom

House Fierce

LGBTQ+ Pride Coalition

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Order of the Boken, Given by Tomyris, September 2017
  • Paragon Druid, Given by Grifterr, May 2018
  • Order of the Guise, Catrysa Trakand, June 2018
  • Den Mother, Grifterr, December 2018
  • 2nd runner up "Flurb of the year" 2018/2019

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