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Nasha had wandered into Dragonspine,(November 2010) around the time that the kingdom had fallen into the rabbit hole. At the time he is foolish and very... Well over curious. He had followed the group down the hole, and made a few friend along the way. After fighting the red queens cards, and aiding in the Slaying of the jabberwocky, He found himself in a group with Little Raven, Aravol, River, Balder, Whistler, Kitari, Tayakana, Tibby, Irock and a few others. During the following months, Nasha had swore to improve on his abilities, And received 2 orders of the rose. He soon traveled many a mile, to the gathering of clans, where he yet again, shown how foolish he could be. Upon his return, the kingdom had found there way into Sherwood Forest, where Nasha was accepted into the belt line of Quicksilver as a page. He is now currently Guildmaster of Barbarians, and is a Saracen Initiate.

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